Jeff Yang Memorial Scholarship 533 Floral Park Ter South Pasadena, CA 91030

2012 Recipients

Tiffany Calero
Covina High School

Tiffany Calero exudes determination and courage when she speaks about her calling as a physician. Her interest in medicine emerged when she had to care for her sister. Instead of fussing over the Homecoming football game or studying for an upcoming test, Tiffany was by her sister’s side during lengthy visits to the emergency room. This burden borne out of love and selflessness for her familia did not prevent her from graduating near the top of her class. She believes that we have a “moral obligation to aid other[s]” and wants to break down “the limitations placed on Latinos.” With such conviction, we are sure she will succeed in all her endeavors, including being the first in her family to graduate from college.

Uriel Gonzalez
El Monte High School
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Uriel Gonzalez is someone you cannot help but root for, a person who is disarmingly optimistic in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. He states that he comes from a community where less than 30% of high school seniors go onto four-year universities. His father works as a dishwasher in a Chinese restaurant, earning below minimum wage, and his mother sells food to local factory workers. Uriel is also a DREAMER student, precluded from obtaining state and federal grants for college. Despite these obstacles, his application did not contain an iota of resentment. Rather, it overflowed with gratefulness and joy for his parents’ and mentors’ support and for the opportunities our country has given him. He aspires to become a guidance counselor so that he can encourage low-income students to pursue higher education. Uriel states, “I believe in possibilities, for without that belief, I would not have achieved the level of educational success that I have been blessed with up to this point.” The selection committee believes in you, Uriel, and we know those possibilities will become a reality all too soon.

Michelle Munoz
Azusa High School
University of Southern California

Michelle Munoz is fierce. As a Latina studying to become a civil engineer, she has to be. Michelle was “never taken seriously” when she expressed interest in engineering. Michelle’s predominantly-Latino high school also lacked the facilities and funds that neighboring public schools had. But she wasn’t going to let these setbacks stop her. She states, “[F]ailure is not an option.” Michelle wants to build stronger buildings and roads, and through mentorship, she hopes to similarly create a stronger Latino community. She wants to show immigrant youths that college and careers in engineering are within their reach. We are grateful to be a part of Michelle’s journey as she blazes a path for herself and those coming behind her.

Calvin Wong
Alhambra High School

Calvin Wong is going to be a success, no doubt about it. He graduated with a 4.33 weighted GPA while serving as President of the Alhambra Youth Commission, Student Council Member (for 4 years), and President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Youth Council. He has won numerous awards in math and engineering competitions. The selection committee, however, was more impressed with his deep commitment to providing health care to low-income communities. Witnessing his parents unable to afford health insurance, Calvin knows first-hand how debilitating medical costs can be. He wants to provide medical service at community clinics and non-profits to those that cannot afford healthcare. We are delighted to select Calvin as a scholarship recipient this year and to invest in his noble dream.

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