Jeff Yang Memorial Scholarship 533 Floral Park Ter South Pasadena, CA 91030

2018 Recipients

Alejandro Moreno

John Marshall Fundamental High School
Indiana University Bloomington

Alejandro Moreno excels at everything he attempts.  During his time at John Marshall Fundamental, he played Varsity Football, Varsity Cross Country, and Varsity Track and Field.  He was elected President of the Junior Class and Vice President of the Associate Student Body.  Alexandro also founded ForFood, an organization that helps feed less fortunate families.  He accomplished all of these amazing feats while maintaining an impressive weighted GPA of 3.82.  Alejandro attributes his successes to his father who, as a farmworker and later as a gardener, “was able to overcome all the negativity in life and give [Alejandro] a better life, one with limitless opportunities.”  Alejandro was motivated to go to college because his father “always emphasized the importance of an education,” and he is determined to represent his father’s character and his Hispanic heritage with pride as he blazes a path through higher education.  We have no doubt that Alejandro will succeed.

Jaclyn Ng

Mark Keppel High School
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jaclyn Ng is going to be a pioneer in science and technology.  As an immigrant, she had to overcome a language barrier.  As a woman, she had to challenge assumptions that she did belong in the fields of math and science.  Jaclyn knocked down one obstacle after another and proved wrong those who doubted her – being the only girl on the Math Bowl competition team, getting a perfect score in Math and Chemistry on the SATs, and graduating Salutatorian of her graduating class.  We were extremely impressed by her sheer determination “to show the world that you don’t need to be born rich or privileged to achieve your dreams.”  She said, “In my world, there are no glass ceilings. Language barrier?  No problem.  Judgment from others?  Bring it on.  No one else has done it before?  I’ll be the first!”  We cannot wait to see Jaclyn break down barriers, and likely win a few Nobel Prizes along the way.

Karen Olivares Lopez

Bell Gardens High School
University of California – Los Angeles

Karen Olivares Lopez is committed to improving her and her family’s “standard of living by having a great career.”  Previously, her family of nine members lived in a one-bedroom in Boyle Heights.  Growing up, Karen saw her immigrant parents struggle to pay for health care services they received for emergencies.  These experiences inspired her to take advantage of every opportunity and to work hard in school.  For instance, Karen aced several Advanced Placement classes, in part, by staying up past midnight to finish homework.  It is no surprise that Karen graduated fourth in her class, which was composed of over 600 students.  She plans to major in biology at UCLA and hopes to become a pediatrician.  Karen would like to give back to the community by helping community clinics provide low-income families access to health care.  We are extremely happy to help Karen achieve her dreams.

Zhen Xi (Kyle) Rong

Arcadia High School
Harvey Mudd College

Zhen Xi (Kyle) Rong moved from China to the United States in the eighth grade and powered through early language barriers through sheer determination, dedication, and some Criminal Minds.  He soon discovered the universal language of mathematics and dove into mathematical modeling.  Kyle’s passion led him to found the Game Theory Club, win Bronze in the USA Mathematical Talent Search, winning Second Place in the Science Olympiad Southern California State Chem Lab, and First Place in the Bay Math League.  Kyle also made time to give back to the community by tutoring recent immigrants, while maintaining nearly all straight A+ grades.  Kyle will be attending Harvey Mudd College in the fall.  He hopes to use mathematical modeling to study conflicts and develop proper human behavioral modeling and fair division techniques to resolve the conflicts of resources allocation across the world.  We have no doubt he will have a huge and positive impact on the world.